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Enriching the Community

Since 2018 Pinewood middle and high school students have completed 27,381 community services hours. 


Mission Statement:

The Pinewood Community Service Learning Program is tailored to the developmental needs of the students and to the academic mission of the school. The program seeks to develop a sense of identity, responsibility, and purpose in our students in relation to the surrounding community and to help students become conscientious and resourceful citizens.

Community Service Learning Program Overview

Middle and High School students are required to complete a specified number of community
service hours during their academic years at Pinewood Preparatory School.
Requirements for each grade level:

  • Middle School: 5 hours
  • Freshmen: 10 hours
  • Sophomores: 10 hours
  • Juniors: 10 hours
  • Seniors: 30 hours*

Students will receive community service reminders and due dates for service hour documentation each year.

Requirements and Guidelines

Because of the importance of our mission to service; participation in and successful completion of the Community Service Learning Program is a requirement for receiving a Pinewood Diploma. It is also mandatory for the successful completion of each grade level.

Community Service Projects:

There are several ways to acquire community service hours through Pinewood's on-campus programs. Or, students interested in starting a new program through an outside organization may coordinate that project with the Community Service Coordinator after approval by the advancement team.