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Fine and Performing Arts Diploma

Pinewood offers its High School students the opportunity to earn a Fine and Performing Arts Diploma. In addition to fulfilling the requirements of a Pinewood diploma, students must earn six credits in both fine and performing arts. Students must also fulfill an outside of school requirement that is approved by the Head of the Fine and Performing Arts Department.

Creativity and self-expression are essential components to a Pinewood education and the Arts Department is uniquely placed in both the academic and co-curricular life of the school. With multiple opportunities and courses to awaken and challenge every student’s desire to create, the Arts Department is guided by practicing artists who love to teach. Pinewood’s Arts Diploma program is tailored to students who are uniquely committed to more intensive study and practice in both the visual and performing arts.

Fine and Performing Arts classes include:
  • Music Technology
  • Choir
  • Guitar and Piano
  • AP Music Theory
  • Introduction to Drama
  • Advanced Drama
  • Honors Play Production
  • Art
  • Advanced Art
  • AP Art