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Board of Trustees

The members of Pinewood's Board of Trustees are charged to maintain excellence as the hallmark of the School and to ensure its financial stability into the future. These Trustees bring diverse backgrounds and experiences into their collective governance of Pinewood.

Officers & Executive Committee:

  • Chairperson: Trudy Robertson
  • Vice-Chairperson: Corley Watson
  • Treasurer: Sarah Windham
  • Secretary: Perrin Conrad
  • Executive Committee Member: David McConnell
  • Executive Committee Member: Lacey McDonald
  • Executive Committee Member: Susan Russell

Trustees at Large:

  • Bill Cobb
  • Jane Ellis
  • Aris Hanchard Ferguson
  • Kenny Gardner
  • Pete Knight
  • Jack Kopnisky
  • Rusty Lloyd
  • Nick Nydegger
  • Greer Reagin
  • Tiki Vietri

Trustee Emeritus:

  • David Price, M.D.

Dinosaur Club

The Dinosaur Club recognizes those who have become an integral part of the school’s history. The club recognizes leaders who have never failed to adapt and insisted that Pinewood evolve in order to thrive. Through the Dinosaur Club, Pinewood continues to learn and recognize the vital role that these individuals play in the development of the school.  This group includes former trustees, heads of school, long-standing faculty and supporters of the school.

Club Members by Induction Year:
  • 2007 - George Milner, William Reeves, William Walker, William McIntosh, Kenneth Gibbes, David Price, Johnny Linton
  • 2008 - Steve Hutchinson, Hillyer Rudisill, Rutherford Smith
  • 2009 - Hugh C. Lane, Ronald Strawn
  • 2010 - Carolyn Baechtle
  • 2011 - Roy Strickland
  • 2013 - Dan Stone
  • 2014 - Ray Murray
  • 2015 - William Coursey, James Suddeth
  • 2016 - Glyn Cowlishaw, James "Chip" Mann
  • 2017 - Lisa Grossman, William "Bo" Reeves, Sam Wood
  • 2018 - Mike Fitzhenry, Don Kassing
  • 2020 - Bill McIntosh, Steve Smith
  • 2022 - Michael Wood ('98)