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Supporting Pinewood Athletics

The mission of the Panther Athletic Club is to provide support for and promote camaraderie within the athletic programs of Pinewood Preparatory School.

The Panther Athletic Club is Pinewood's athletic booster club. PAC is devoted to fostering excellence in Pinewood Preparatory School academics and athletics through financial and booster support. The club helps subsidize the costs of running a first-rate athletic program by supplying funds needed over and above the regular athletic department budget.

PAC funds support a wish list of items needed to supply the proper equipment, support and recognition to the many boys' and girls' athletic teams at Pinewood. These items may not be affordable without support from PAC. All requests for funds are reviewed by the club’s Board of Directors to determine the level of need. Grants provided in support of Pinewood Athletics are raised through PAC memberships, concession sales at sporting events, and PAC events.

Show your support for Pinewood's athletes by becoming a member of PAC!  

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