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At Pinewood, we subscribe to the belief that every student can lead.

We believe that leadership skills are developed through a lifelong process. Our goal is to equip each student with a collection of skills and abilities, and to make them aware of how the actions they choose in a given situation will impact those around them. Pinewood’s Leadership Institute emphasizes seven core elements which each student is exposed to in direct ways:

  • Personal Mastery    
  • Moral Foundation            
  • Communication Skills          
  • Goal Setting Problem Solving                          
  • Self Awareness                      
  • Inspiring & Motivating Others

It is our goal to enhance mastery of the core elements through the Leadership Courses, Experiential Education, Community Service, and Leadership Opportunities.

Our emphasis on active citizenship and servant leadership helps students begin to understand this leadership paradigm. It is not about seeking power, but asking, “How can I be of help?” We also aim to develop within each student a strong moral foundation and ethical lens. A key piece of the experiential education component for each student will be participating in an internship in a career interest area. We believe the internship experience will provide unique opportunities that will facilitate self-discovery, enhance leadership skills, and help students define their own educational goals by identifying areas of interest through hands-on, experiential learning in career interest areas

As part of their graduation requirement, every Pinewood student will participate in the leadership program each year in some way:

  • All High School students are required to complete community service hours as outlined in the student handbook.
  • All High School students are required to complete a field internship of 
    30 hours prior to graduation.