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The Admissions Process

Our admission process is intentionally thorough because we want to get to know our prospective students and families. It is important that we understand an applicant’s goals, hopes, needs, and reasons for selecting Pinewood. 

Below you will find helpful information to guide you through the admissions process.

Tour/Meeting:  The first step in the admission process is to come in for a tour and meet with the Director of Enrollment, Nicolle Morgan. Please contact Amanda Stockton, Admission Associate at (843) 873-1643, ext. 2001 or email to set up a tour or virtual appointment. 

Online Application: Complete the online application and submit the $75 application fee - click here. NOTE: Applications should only be submitted after a personalized tour, or an initial conversation has been made with the Admission Office.

Request and Review Unofficial Transcripts and Test Scores: The admission staff will request records on behalf of the applicant to review the student's complete prior years' records (minimum of two years), and current year-to-date records. Discipline and attendance records are also required. The admission staff may conduct additional testing if the records do not provide sufficient information, or if we need to re-assess a prospective student’s readiness.

Teacher Recommendations: Two teacher recommendations are required for students applying to grades 1st - 11th; preferably from English and Math for middle and high school applicants. Pinewood will provide the recommendation form once the admission process has started. 

Schedule a Shadow Day (Grades 6 through 11): The Shadow Day is where a prospective middle and high school student visits Pinewood in their current grade and “shadows” the class schedule and activities. He/she is paired with a student mentor to help them throughout the day. NOTE: Rising 6th grade applicants will shadow with a current 6th grade mentor. 

Lower School (Grades Kindergarten through 5th) – Eligibility is based on the skill assessment by the teacher(s) during our scheduled assessment day(s), or a shadow day. 

Grades PK3 through Kindergarten - Records or a phone interview with a previous preschool are also a part of the process for PK3 through kindergarten applicants. NOTE: Our age cutoff for PK3 through kindergarten is July 1st.  PK3 and PK4 students must be potty trained by the first day of school. 

Grade PK2 - Admission to PK2 is based on a family's long-term educational goals for their child(ren). Timeliness of application is also considered. Faculty children and sibling families receive preferred consideration. NOTE: Age cutoff is also July 1st for PK2. 

Admission Review: There is an Admission Review Committee (by division) that assesses each candidate. Admission to Pinewood is selective and is based on personal motivation and behavior, testing results, prior school records, shadow day feedback, recommendations, and available openings. This process does take time, and an admissions decision cannot be made until all the steps have been completed.

Enrollment - Once an applicant is admitted, to secure his/her spot, the online Enrollment Packet and $675 New Student Fee need to be submitted within two weeks of the acceptance date.