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Faculty and Staff Directory

  Name Title
Ashley Adams Adams, Ashley Kindergarten Teacher Assistant/LS Yearbook Advisor
Jessica Altman Altman, Jessica Business Office Associate
Iain Anderson Anderson, Iain High School English Teacher/MS & HS Yearbook Advisor
Jessica Archambault Archambault, Jessica Fifth Grade Teacher/ Head Swim Coach
Allison Bailey Bailey, Allison Kindergarten Teacher
Sarah Bedard Bedard, Sarah High School Science Teacher
BriAnne Bell Bell, BriAnne School Nurse
Nancy Bell Bell, Nancy Owner and Director, Education and Testing Solutions
Anna Bright Bright, Anna School Psychologist
Cynthia Brigman Brigman, Cynthia Cafe
Cheryl Brown Brown, Cheryl Middle and High School English Teacher
Deborah (Debbie) Brown Brown, Deborah (Debbie) Pre-K4 Teacher Assistant
Jason Brown Brown, Jason Middle School Science Teacher
Anthony Bulford Bulford, Anthony Middle and High School Social Studies Teacher/Head Cross County Coach
Elizabeth Byrd Byrd, Elizabeth First Grade Teacher
Marie Byrne Byrne, Marie Pre-K3 Teacher
Mariflor Chapman Chapman, Mariflor Pre-K3 Teacher Assistant
Billie Cody Cody, Billie Third Grade Teacher
Stephanie Connelley Connelley, Stephanie First Grade Assistant
Julie Cox Cox, Julie Pre-K4 Teacher Assistant
Connie Coyle Coyle, Connie High School Social Studies Teacher
Virginia Cunningham Cunningham, Virginia Head of Fine Arts Department/Lower School Music Teacher
Steve Davis Davis, Steve High School Social Studies Teacher
Brendan Diffley Diffley, Brendan Director of College Counselor/Asst. Head of School
Chad Earwood Earwood, Chad High School Math Teacher
Amanda Ehrlich Ehrlich, Amanda Director of Drama and Dance-All Divisions
Charles (Pat) Eidson Eidson, Charles (Pat) Varsity Boys Basketball Coach
Maia Emery Emery, Maia Middle School Math Teacher
Jennifer Fishburne Fishburne, Jennifer Kindergarten Teacher
Rhett Frampton Frampton, Rhett Head of Lower School/Asst. Head of School
Jennifer Fusco Fusco, Jennifer First Grade Teacher
Melissa Gardner Gardner, Melissa Pre-K4 Teacher
Wendy Girgan Girgan, Wendy Head of Foreign Language Department/High School Spanish Teacher
Alecia Good Good, Alecia Athletic Trainer/High School Science Teacher
Devon Gregory Gregory, Devon Assistant to the Head of School
Babette Hamilton Hamilton, Babette Head of High School/ Asst. Head of School
Elisabeth Harbin Harbin, Elisabeth Pre-K4 Teacher
Alicia Harter Harter, Alicia Kindergarten Teacher Assistant
Virginia Hess Hess, Virginia Third Grade Teacher
Sheri Hickok Hickok, Sheri Business Office Associate
Christopher Holloman Holloman, Christopher
Nate Howell Howell, Nate Middle School Math Teacher
Alexandra Kassing Kassing, Alexandra Kindergarten Teacher Assistant
JeNae Katsanis Katsanis, JeNae Kindergarten Teacher
Stephanie Anne King King, Stephanie Anne Fourth Grade Teacher
Thomas King King, Thomas PE Teacher
Amy Ladd Ladd, Amy High School Science Teacher
Bryce Landers Landers, Bryce PE Teacher
Kristi Latham Latham, Kristi Middle School English Teacher
Michael Latham Latham, Michael Maintenance Director
Elizabeth (Liz) Lemons Lemons, Elizabeth (Liz) Middle and High School Idea Lab and Robotics Teacher
Juliet Londergan Londergan, Juliet CFO
Christine Lowin Lowin, Christine Library Media Specialist
Janice Martin Martin, Janice Facilities and Event Manager
Stuart McMullan McMullan, Stuart High School English & Middle School Latin Teacher
Herman McNeill McNeill, Herman Chef
Marilynn Mercante Mercante, Marilynn Pre-K3 Teacher
Kambridge Montgomery Montgomery, Kambridge Administrative Assistant
Herve Moreau Moreau, Herve Spanish Teacher/Music Tech
Andrew Morgan Morgan, Andrew PE Teacher
Logan Morgan Morgan, Logan High School Science Teacher
Nicolle Morgan Morgan, Nicolle Dir. of Enrollment and Communications
J.W. Myers Myers, J.W. Athletic Director
Gail Osborne Osborne, Gail Head of PE Department/Varsity Girls Soccer Coach
Abby Parks Parks, Abby Director of Development
Deborah Peoples Peoples, Deborah Cafe
Amber Reed Reed, Amber Lower School and Middle School Art Teacher
Angie Ringley Ringley, Angie Head of Middle School/Asst. Head of School
Nancy Rivera Rivera, Nancy Middle and High School Spanish Teacher
Saralyn Rivera Rivera, Saralyn Second Grade Teacher
Brooke Robinson Robinson, Brooke Middle and High School Music Teacher
Eric Rojas Rojas, Eric Pinewood Plus Director
William Ruddy Ruddy, William Head of English Department/High School English Teacher
Daniel Seiden Seiden, Daniel Head of School
John Seymour Seymour, John High School Math Teacher
Elise Shelton Shelton, Elise Head of Social Studies Department/Middle School Social Studies Teacher
Brittnie Smiley Smiley, Brittnie
Letitia Sowers Sowers, Letitia Dean of Students
Aimee Soyka Soyka, Aimee IT Director
Krystle Sperry Sperry, Krystle Head of Math Department/High School Math Teacher
Amanda Stockton Stockton, Amanda Admission Associate
Victoria Strang Strang, Victoria Visual Arts Teacher
Jamie Sullivan Sullivan, Jamie Pre-K3 Teacher Assistant
Denisse Tafur Tafur, Denisse Spanish Teacher
Bethany Tanner Tanner, Bethany Fifth Grade Teacher
Joyce Tatro-Manes Tatro-Manes, Joyce Fourth Grade Teacher
Traci Theodore Theodore, Traci Second Grade Teacher
Michele Thill Thill, Michele Head of Science Teacher/Middle School Science Teacher
Elizabeth Thomas Thomas, Elizabeth Middle School English Teacher
Robin Waring Waring, Robin Fourth Grade Teacher
Robert Watkins Watkins, Robert Cafe
Samantha Wigant Wigant, Samantha
Kristi Williams Williams, Kristi Second Grade Teacher
Dawn Young Young, Dawn Third Grade Teacher
Janet Zielke Zielke, Janet First Grade Teacher