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About Us

Something special is happening at Pinewood. Here, you will find a safe and healthy learning environment where students embrace both the rigor, and joy, that comes with a first-class education in a small relational setting. We take pride in our outstanding faculty, with more than twice the number of Master Teachers than any other independent school in the state. We are also honored to be recognized as the top local independent school, as well as one of the best places to work - happy and engaged educators translate into positive outcomes for young people.  


The Pinewood Experience

The Pinewood experience offers students a small, caring environment to learn and pursue a number of interests. Smaller class sizes enable faculty members to give students individualized attention. This smaller setting allows students to explore a variety of options for involvement.

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High Standards

At Pinewood, the rigorous expectations of a college preparatory curriculum are balanced with the joy of personal inquiry and exploration. Beginning in Pre-K3 students focus on core subject areas as well as STEAM concepts through hands-on, real-world applications. A Pinewood education is designed to produce a well-rounded student.

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Health & Wellness

Pinewood values the health and wellness of its students, faculty, and staff. Our on-campus sheriff’s deputy provides daily oversight of the school’s security measures. A registered nurse, certified athletic trainer, and two school counselors are on hand to ensure students’ physical and emotional well-being.

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Mission Statement

Pinewood is an independent college preparatory school dedicated to academic excellence and character development. Through the core values of risk, truth, and exploration, the School enriches community - locally and globally.