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Innovation through Collaboration

Preparing students for a competitive, technology-driven world.

The importance of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics) education in the classroom is a major priority at Pinewood. Starting in Pre-K3 (through Grade 12), our students apply STEAM concepts through the IDEA Lab program. 

The IDEA (Imagine, Design, Experiment, Apply) Lab is a Pinewood Signature Program designed for students to learn and apply the engineering process with hands-on activities and lessons that center on STEAM. Many of the activities blend in with the arts and encourage students to use their creativity within a lesson. Critical thinking, collaboration, and overcoming failure are just some of the life skills students gain from this program.  

High School students looking to pursue a career in a STEAM field can even obtain an Engineering Diploma by completing a sequence of college-level mathematics and science courses, and courses in technology and IDEA Lab. Candidates interested in pursuing this program must complete a research/design project in IDEA Lab and an internship in an engineering field as part of their Leadership Institute requirement.