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Arts for All Ages

Fine and performing arts instruction at Pinewood takes place in a student-centered environment. Students explore the arts in small class settings that offer individualized attention. Pinewood’s arts faculty members, who graduated from leading university arts programs, have years of experience in their fields as artists and as instructors. 

Curriculum, in addition to class size and faculty, sets apart the Pinewood arts experience. Students will develop into artists using the top curriculum in the field, for example, Game Plan (Lower School Music), the Austin Classical Guitar Society model, and Teaching for Artistic Behaviors (High School Visual Art).

Faculty members go beyond teaching facts - instead, they teach processes and ways of thinking to create autonomous artists. Music Technology students write and record their own songs on campus. Students in choirs and instrumental ensembles learn how to read music independently. Beginning in Lower School, theatre students are taught skills that are then put into practice in production. Student artists of all levels display their work at art shows throughout the school year.

Arts Highlights

  • Average class size: 12 students, with class sizes ranging between three and 20 students
  • Pinewood arts graduates have been accepted at some of the nation’s top collegiate arts programs, including NYU Tisch (Musical Theatre), the University of North Carolina at Greensboro (Opera), and SCAD (Fashion Design)
  • Many students who opt to major in other fields continue their art studies in college, where they place in the top ensembles


Jonah Klixbull
Head of Fine & Performing Arts