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Olivia Guillet

Olivia Guillet
Olivia Guillet
Middle School English Teacher
Phone: 843-873-1643
Groups: Faculty
Employed Since: 2/13/2018
1 Years Experience At School
  • Bachelor's Loughborough University (2001)
  • Master's Cambridge University (2002)
  • 7th Grade English, Middle School Writing Workshop
  • 11th Grade American Literature 
  • Bachelor of Arts Degree (HONS) in English Literature from Loughborough University (2001)
  • Post-Graduate Degree in Secondary English Education from Cambridge University (2002)
  • Currently undertaking a Master of Arts in English Literature at The Citadel
  •  Member of The Citadel's Phi Kappa Phi chapter
  • Gifted and Talented Certification
  • Initial Trainee Teacher Mentoring Certification from Cambridge University
  •  Over 14 years English teaching experience in Middle School, High School and College
  •  I love reading, watching films, spending time with my family, watching my son play soccer, and traveling
  • I am a proud Pinewood parent!