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Pinewood values the overall health and wellness of its students, faculty, and staff. Our on-campus sheriff’s deputy provides daily oversight of the school’s security measures. A registered nurse, certified athletic trainer and two school counselors are on hand to ensure students’ physical and emotional well-being. 

Health Clinic

Our general focus is to ensure the health and safety of students. The Pinewood school nurse plans the school health program and maintains the school medical clinic. She administers medication according to school policy and handles emergency situations. Nurse BIllingsly also instructs classes in first aid and intervenes in actual and potential health issues. In addition, she will assist in support services for children with various health issues. 

The Health Clinic is open from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. daily.

Guidance Program

We are a team of professional school counselors whose mission is to provide a comprehensive K-12 program that fosters development in academic, career, and personal/social domains.  We cohesively provide students the opportunity to gain skills and develop their unique potential to become successful in all aspects of life. With your support and cooperation, together we can help make your child’s school years a rewarding experience.

Services Provided

Classroom Presentations

Offering classes to teach, practice and engage students with social skills, interpersonal skills, problem-solving skills, coping skills, respect of self and others, study skills and organization. 

Responsive Services

Meeting immediate needs of a student, consultation and collaboration with teachers, families, specialists, small group education and support. We strive to offer brief solution-focused counseling, community resource referrals, and professional development and evaluation.

Drug and Alcohol Education
Each year Pinewood students in grades 8 and 10 participate in a drug and alcohol prevention program.  Pinewood has partnered with MUSC’s Center for Drug and Alcohol Programs to bring a science-based curriculum to students. The program is designed to give our students a better understanding of the impact of drugs and alcohol, especially at a young age. Outside presenters come to Pinewood over multiple days to present the information.

College Counseling
Please note school counselors do not provide “therapy” or “traditional counseling.” Referrals for outside counseling services are available for children experiencing grief, divorce, family separations, deployment or mental health concerns.

Confidentiality Statement: To respect the rights and relationships of students, information shared with the counselor will remain confidential with the exception of matters related to student safety.

Angela Billingsly
School Nurse
843.873.1643, ext. 2006

Brendan Diffley 
843.873.1643, ext. 2009
Director of Guidance/Assistant Head

Anna Bright  
843.873.1643, ext. 2018
Guidance Counselor