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Experiential Education

Getting Off Campus

Class trips are an integral part of a Pinewood tradition in experiential education. These hands on learning experiences bring learning to life for our students and provide an opportunity for them to bond and make special friendships with their classmates. 

Lower School students, beginning with the Fourth Grade, have an overnight science trip to barrier island integrated into the curriculum.  Fifth Grade heads off to Kanuga for a few days. The lower grades have numerous day trips each year ranging from theater performances in downtown Charleston to Bee City and back. 

Middle School students enjoy overnight experiences to Washington, DC (8th), Hannon Adventure Camp (7th), and Earthshine (6th).

High School students have many optional overnight trips to choose from including a Wilderness Expedition and th annual Senior Trip. There are also day long grade level trips to help build class unity and leadership skills.

Pinewood organizes an overseas trip each summer for students and parents. Previous adventures have included France, Spain, and China.