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Always Planning for the Future

Objective I - Excellence in People, Places, and Programs

Pinewood’s educational program will be distinctive, well rounded, and focused on providing excellence and great value. We will continue to develop a faculty and staff of the highest quality in character, professionalism, educational experience, and commitment to the School’s vision and mission. We will work towards the maintenance and improvement of our precious campus, with an eye on creating transformative living and learning spaces for our school community. The school will maintain a challenging college preparatory curriculum requiring students to complete serious intellectual work that integrates strong academics, expressive fine arts, and competitive athletics.

Objective II - High Performance in Science, Math, and Technology

High performing schools prepare students for a more competitive, technology driven world. Central to the educational experience at Pinewood, every student shall develop skills in logic, problem solving, and critical thinking integrated in all disciplines. Active learning in a high-performing, college preparatory curriculum will enable students to compete in a world that is increasingly dependent on Science, Math, and Technology.

Objective III -  Living in a Global Society

We will educate every Pinewood student to appreciate and value the differences among people in the larger world around us.  All of our students will acquire the essential knowledge, critical-thinking skills, global awareness, cultural understanding, and first-hand experiences needed to live, compete, and engage in our changing global community.

Objective IV - A Community of Character

Developing strong character, fostering citizenship, and cultivating leadership will be  cherished components of educating each Pinewood student.  Building a community of decency and trust, focusing on shared core values is the backbone of our school and will advance the optimum-learning environment.  The School will be a place that students and teachers come to everyday with goals and purpose, a place to exercise their individual passion for learning and respect for the Pinewood Family.