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Back Nine 5K Race & Fun Run

We enjoyed a gorgeous day at last week’s Pinewood Back Nine 5K and One-Mile Fun Run.  Thank you to American Automated Payroll (AAP), for once again presenting our race, and to Legend Oaks Golf and Tennis Club, for being our gracious host.

We were thrilled to work with Children in Crisis, Inc. as our community partner this year.  With April being National Child Abuse Awareness Month, our partnership helped us step forward in learning more about and preventing child abuse. 

“This event was a great way to support the work of both Pinewood Prep and Children in Crisis,” said Andrew Osborne, president of AAP. “Enjoying this day together helped us learn that we can make a difference by raising awareness about child abuse, and understanding what we can do to prevent it.”

Over 150 people participated in this year’s race, running, jogging and strolling to step forward in raising child abuse awareness.  Prizes were awarded to the top three male and female finishers overall, and to the top finishers in each standard age group.

All finishers in the One-Mile Fun Run received a medal, and an invitation to Mr. Mandell’s Pool Party, taking place May 16 from 4-6 p.m.

While our runners stepped forward against child abuse, our pinwheel supporters made a visible statement with a field of fluttering pinwheels that greeting runners as they approached the finish line.  The pinwheels connected our event to the national Pinwheels for Prevention campaign, a call to all Americans to aid in the healthy development of our nation's children. 

Thank you to all who sponsored, volunteered, ran, walk and cheered us on at this year’s event!


Presenting Sponsor
American Automated Payroll

Bronze Panthers
Smith Closser, P. A.
Proud Panthers
Carolina Center of Gynecologic Oncology
CT Lowndes & Company
Dr. David & Jennifer Price 



5K Race Results

Top Male

Aylesworth, Steven     19:18.00  
Hobart, Gary                20:55.00  
Mandell, Adam            21:30.00  

Top Female
Shuler, Emily                22:52.00  
Grossman, Kasey         24:20.94  
Martinez, Laura           25:15.00  


Top Male and Female by Age Category

Men 14 & Under
Diffley, Jay                    25:08.00  
Duncan, Dominic        26:18.00  
Martin, Joseph             26:49.00
Women 14 & Under
Osborne, Jessica          28:04.00  
Benton, Abigail           30:54.00
Strickland, Perry         33:22:00

Men 15-18
Hazel, Jack                   23:00.00  
Jaskwich, Max             27:02.00  
Carter, Sean                 28:11.00  

Women 15-18
Bilsback, Katie             26:56.00  
Katsanis, Kaley            28:24.00
Kassing, Alexandra    32:57.00

Men 19-24
Mandell, Adam          21:30.00  
Kim, Jin                       24:21.20  

Women 19-24
Pickering, Melanie     26:41.00  
McCann, Meghan      30:12.00  
Harper, Paige             47:15.00  

Men 25-29
Mikolajewski, Bill     30:13.00  
Judge, Philip              31:55.00  
Adams, Phil               42:39.00  

Women 25-29
Judge, Carmen           31:54.00  
Rogers, Kimberly       39:09.00  
Preslar, Katie              47:13.00  

Men 30-34
Burnett, Josh              37:50.80  

Women 30-34
Brock, Wendy           33:46.00  
Burnett, Lisa             40:50.00  
Bond, Ashley            41:51.00  

Men 35-39
Brantley, Jim             23:10.00  
Shelton, Kevin         29:36.00
Brock, Clay               41:49:00

Women 35-39
Jancewicz, Amy        26:24.00  
Estabrook, Jennifer   27:58.00  
Thill, Michele            31:05.00  

Men 40-44
Jackson, Kyle             22:16.00  
Earwood, Chad         24:55.00  
Harbin, ED                27:29.00  

Women 40-44
Morgan, Nicole        28:00.00  
Jurand, Sara              31:56.00  
Borroso, Nuria         34:14.00  

Men 45-49
Krauss, Edward        26:38.00  
Osborne, Andrew     27:03.00
Diffley, Brendan        28:10.00

Women 45-49
Nelson, Susan           35:08.00  
Deas, Richetta           40:31.00  

Men 50-54
Katsanis, Ward          28:50.00  
Sauter, Reedd            32:39.00  
Hitchner, Monty       37:04.06  

Women 50-54
Strode, Susan            32:16.00  
Sauter, Robin            33:27.00  
Brown, Deborah       43:07.00  

Women 55-59
Chickarello, Kathy    32:22.00

Men 60-64
Witz, Hourie              37:04.60

Women 60-64
Lehman, Kathy         31:15.00  

Men 70+
Anderson, MAC       37:33.00

Click here for complete 5K Race Results by Mix

Click here for complete 5K Race Results by Age


1 Mile Fun Run Results


Top Male & Female by Age Category

Men 6 & Under
Martinez, Santiago       8:42.00
Rogers, John                11:51.40
Krause, Nolan             12:14.00

Women 6 & Under
Martinez, Clara             8:58.00
Willis, Elizabeth          10:02.00
Hunter, Ella                 10:15.00

Men 7-8
Hylton, Alex                 7:09.00
McConnell, Jack           7:59.50
Brantley, Daniel            9:34.00

Women 7-8
Birdsong, Hannah       7:39.00
Martin, Kira                  8:08.00
Zielke, Megan             10:03.00

Men 9-10
Repaskey-McMullan   7:34.00
Dunbar, Myles              8:37.00
Pahula, Jacob                9:48.00

Women 9-10
McConnell, Marykate   7:59.20
Hylton, Elizabeth          8:08.80
Willis, Abby                   8:18.00

Men 11-12
Boykin, Noah                 8:12.00

Women 11-12
Zeilke, McKenna            7:51.00
Duncan, Sasha              13:40.00

Men 13+
Fluent, Cade                   7:41.00

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Click here for complete 1-Mile Fun Run Results by Age


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