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Steps to Follow

We are delighted you are exploring Pinewood and look forward to working with your family.  Below you will find helpful information to guide you through the admission process.

Contact the Admissions Office by phone or email. The direct line is 843.873.1643 x 2001. The email for our Director of Admissions, Nicole Bailey, is

Arrange for a personalized tour of campus and shadow day (if possible) for your student.

Complete the online application - CLICK HERE

Make sure we have complete school records (grades, test scores, attendance, and behavior reports). The complete prior year's records and current year-to-date records are necessary. Contact your admission counselor if you have questions.

This process does take time and an admissions decision cannot be made until the application is complete and we receive the student's school records.

Once your child is admitted, to secure your spot, you must return the required enrollment contract and tuition deposit.

Pinewood does have need-based financial aid for families that qualify. CLICK HERE to get more information. The admissions process is separate from financial aid.