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College Counseling

Individual Guidance and Support

The college admission process is an integral part of the total experience of a Pinewood education. Preparing for college starts as early as elementary school. Pinewood works to build a well rounded student academically, create good community citizens, encourage involvement in extracurricular activities, and help develop their interests and talents.

The College Guidance Office at Pinewood Preparatory School recognizes the vast diversity in students and families and therefore provides individual guidance in college selection. The college counseling program is firmly grounded in the belief that discovering good matches between students and post-secondary institutions is what the college admissions process is all about.

Pinewood graduates continue their education in many top-tier universities and other institutions around the country. Typically, the amount of scholarship funding that these institutions offer a graduating class averages $5 million.

A thorough plan of guidance includes identifying suitable colleges, managing the application process including taking appropriate standardized tests, and applying for need-based financial aid and/or merit scholarships.

Students undertake the main work of researching, choosing, and applying to their top-choice colleges. Pinewood also offers annual college trips. Parents also stay involved in the process during their students' years at Pinewood through individual student meetings.


Brendan Diffley 843.873.1643 x 2009
College Counseling/Assistant Head

2016 Highlights

  • 71 Graduates
  • Over $4 Million in scholarship offers
  • 90% Eligible for State Scholarships
  • 92% Advanced Placement Pass Rate
  • 12 AP Scholars
  • 71% Acceptance to First Choice college
  • 85% Acceptance to Highly Selective schools
  • 68% attending school in state 
  • 32% attending school out of state