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Board of Trustees


The Trustees of Pinewood are charged to maintain excellence as the hallmark of the school and to ensure the financial stability of the school into the future. We stand on the shoulders of Trustees who have gone before us. Like them, we are eager to do all that is necessary to provide excellence in education for our children, your children, and our children's children.


Officers: Carolyn R. Baechtle, Ed.D., Chair; Bill McIntosh, Vice Chair; Richard Livingston, Treasurer; Perrin Cothran Conrad, Secretary


Trustees at Large: Nicole DeBerry, M.D., Bert Gary, Jessie Gauthier, Brady Hair, Mike Haskett, Christy Hunter, M.D., Don Kassing, Ward Katsanis, M.D., Stuart Kay, Kelly Knight, David McConnell, Trudy Robertson, Steve Smith, Jason Terry, Sarah Windham


Trustee Emeritus: David Price, M.D.

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